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I'm so pleased that my music has spread far and wide and that folk have written about the music that I wrote. Here are a selection of various websites, blogs and other press coverage of me. Click the names on the left for the full reviews.

"In its entirety it is beautiful, the story it tells is truthful and is one of the most poetic songs this year"

-review of 2022 single "Sad Elephant"

"A very heartfelt and beautiful song that reminds the listener that you matter"

review of 2022 single "I'm So Glad You're Still Here"

"Good music that grows on you like a good album should"

-review of 2019 album "Songs From A Happy Winter"

"There's a charm here that makes Gallagher's stories of his own musical journey worth listening to"

-review of 2019 album "Songs From A Happy Winter"

"An uplifting and optimistic musical journey"

review of 2019 album "Songs From A Happy Winter"

"A variety of ear-catching pop-folk songs"

review of 2019 album "Songs From A Happy Winter"

Other Quotes

Other people have said rather nice things about me, some rather famous, others less so. Either way I thought I'd share it. 

"The ukulele is in good hands" and "My mate Frank Skinner would love you"

-said verbally after seeing me perform live


-comment on my "Mr Rock & Roll" cover

"Cool cover"

-comment on my "Wherever You Will Go" cover in her style.

"I love Marc Gallagher, he's always entertaining"

-in reference to my viewer questions on news videos that I would submit in song form.

"He will bring something special to every audience he encounters"

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